The following contains the exact language (italicized) currently found in a standard commercial Waste Management contract specifically related to recycling services.  In addition to excerpts from the contractual agreement, we will follow up with a plain-language interpretation.

Customer shall pay Company for all increased costs, losses and expenses incurred with respect to such non-conforming Recyclable Materials which charges may include an amount for Company’s operating or profit margin (collectively the “Cost”).  [Plain English:  IF the hauling company is not making a profit, you, the customer, will pay to make sure the company isn’t losing money.   NOT a great deal for anyone trying to recycle.   In late 2019, we have seen the price of recycling service skyrocket because of the “increased costs” the waste haulers incur to the point at which in some cases, the cost to recycle is actually HIGHER than the cost of waste disposal.  It’s not clear when this trend will reverse.]

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