The current state of recycling is a mess.  A year ago, overseas markets were robust and the Chinese bought up almost all of the US recycling commodities even if it was contaminated.  Today, however, China has stopped almost all imports of recyclables and as a result, recycling prices have skyrocketed.Most of this increase is due to the additional time, labor and equipment needed to sort through all of the contamination that is mixed in with recyclables.  This article will attempt to clarify the current state of recycling in the US and outline the way in which one of the largest haulers has adapted to the changing landscape.   We will also provide clarity and detail the changes made by Waste Management to their contract language in regards to collecting and processing items for recycling.

The following posts will contain the exact language (italicized) currently found in a standard commercial Waste Management contract specifically related to recycling services.  In addition to excerpts from the contractual agreement, we will follow up with a plain-language interpretation.  Keep checking back here for more details!

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